Elevate Your Event with Our Premier Flame and Fire Machine Rental

Fire is one of the most captivating elements in the special effects field for spectators. Flame effects may raise the experience to new levels for a variety of events, including concerts, business gatherings, and movie productions. Magnum's expertise lies in offering superior flame and fire machine rentals. With the highest level of safety in mind, our equipment is made to produce breathtaking images. A comprehensive discussion of our products and how they might improve your event is given here.

Types of Flame Machine Rental Available

Magnum offers a range of flame machine rental including standard models for dynamic fire effects, multi-head units for intricate patterns, and DMX-controlled machines for precise, real-time control over flame parameters. Each type is designed to meet the specific needs of different events, ensuring both stunning visuals and safety.

Standard Flame Machines

To create a dramatic and dynamic visual impression, our conventional flame machines are built to produce tall, narrow flames that shoot up several feet into the air. These devices are simple to assemble and run, offering dependable performance every time, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. They are ideal for giving live events like concerts and festivals a thrilling touch. Magnum ensures that every unit is kept in the best possible condition in terms of efficiency and safety.

Multi-Head Flame Machines

With the ability to produce numerous flames at once, our multi-head flame machines can create complex patterns and sequences that are sure to attract everyone watching. These devices are perfect for events like coordinated displays or themed performances that need intricate fire effects. Their creative freedom is unmatched, as each flame head can be controlled completely. 

DMX Controlled Flame Machines

Our DMX-controlled flame machines smoothly integrate with your existing DMX setup and provide accurate, real-time control over flame height, duration, and timing. These machines offer unparalleled flexibility and precision, making them perfect for events that need precise coordination with lighting, music, or other effects. For high-profile productions when precise timing and coordination are essential, they are perfect. To guarantee dependable and secure functioning, our DMX-controlled systems undergo extensive testing.

Fire Machine Rental Services

With equipment, fuel, control systems, and professional on-site technical assistance, Magnum provides comprehensive fire machine rental services that guarantee stunning and secure fire effects for your event.

Comprehensive Rental Packages

Magnum provides all-inclusive rental packages that include everything needed to make your event a success. The fuel, control systems, flame machines, and on-site technical support are usually included in our packages. For an easy experience, we also provide delivery, setup, and demolition services.

Experienced Technicians

Magnum provides access to its staff of highly skilled technicians who specialize in fire effect deployment when you rent from us. To guarantee faultless performance, they take care of everything from setup and operation to maintenance and safety management. You can feel secure knowing that our professionals will follow the strictest safety guidelines during your event. Their experience guarantees that your fire effects will be performed flawlessly and magnificently.

Event Consultation and Planning

Magnum provides professional planning and guidance to help you incorporate fire effects into your event in an elegant way. To maximize visual impact and ensure safety, our staff works together with you to establish the perfect placement and usage of flame machines. We offer customized solutions to meet your unique requirements, improving the whole experience. 

Safety Considerations

Safety is our top priority in all of our fire effect deployments at Magnum. We carry out comprehensive pre-event planning, which includes evaluating the venue and adhering to fire regulations. Our specialists follow tight safety guidelines on-site, keep an eye on the equipment during the event, and prepare emergency plans. We carry out post-event inspections to guarantee safe deactivation and offer thorough reports for the next enhancements.

Pre-Event Planning

Magnum does thorough pre-event planning in advance of your event, evaluating the venue for possible risks and guaranteeing adherence to local fire standards. Our staff works in coordination with the event planners to create a comprehensive safety plan that includes emergency protocols and equipment placement. Using this proactive strategy ensures a successful and safe fire effect installation for your event.

On-Site Safety Protocols

We follow strict on-site safety procedures while flame machine rental for your event. This includes placing flame machines safely away from combustible objects, testing the equipment's performance before the show, keeping an eye on it during the event, and having qualified staff on hand to handle any last-minute problems. Every participant will have a seamless and safe fire effect experience because of our dedication to on-site safety.

Post-Event Procedures

Our comprehensive post-event processes are carried out following your event to ensure compliance and safety. To improve both security and effectiveness, this involves properly disabling flame machines, finishing venue inspections to look for potential hazards, creating thorough reports on the deployment of the fire effect, and making suggestions for future events. We provide a smooth and safe fire effect experience from beginning to end with our careful post-event protocol.

Applications of Flame and Fire Machines

Flame and fire equipment are widely used in a variety of settings and businesses. They are frequently utilized to add dramatic images to performances at concerts and music festivals. Fire effects produce memorable moments and brand experiences at business events and product launches. Flame machines are used in theater and film productions to add realism and drama to situations, and special events and themed parties profit from the ambiance that fire effects produce. These encounters are enhanced with safety and spectacle by Magnum's flame and fire machines.

Magnum offers unmatched fire effects through its flame machine rental services, guaranteeing both incredible views and strict safety. Whether it's for a corporate gathering, a concert, or a film shoot, our modern equipment and experience make every event better. Get in touch with us right now to add the magic of fire effects to your event.


We offer standard flame machines for dynamic fire effects, multi-head units for creating intricate patterns, and DMX-controlled machines for precise, real-time control over flame parameters.

Safety is our top priority. Our flame machines are equipped with advanced safety features and are operated by highly trained technicians who follow strict safety protocols to ensure a secure event.

Yes, our flame machines are versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. We assess each venue to ensure proper safety measures are in place for the specific environment.

Flame machines are ideal for concerts, music festivals, corporate events, product launches, film and television productions, themed parties, and special events, adding a captivating visual element.

Yes, we provide professional on-site technical support to handle setup, operation, and troubleshooting, ensuring seamless and safe execution of the fire effects throughout your event.

To book a rental, start by scheduling an initial consultation where we discuss your event's needs. We then provide a custom quote, and upon approval, we handle all logistics from delivery to post-event procedures.

Yes, our all-inclusive rental packages typically include the flame machines, fuel, control systems, on-site technical support, as well as delivery, setup, and teardown services for a hassle-free experience.

During pre-event planning, we conduct a thorough venue assessment to identify potential hazards, ensure compliance with local fire codes, and develop a detailed safety plan including emergency procedures.

Our flame machines, especially the DMX-controlled units, offer real-time control over flame height, duration, and timing, allowing for precise coordination with music, lighting, and other event elements.