Experience the Best 360 Photo Booth Rental Dubai

Dubai is a city renowned for its lavish parties and extravagant celebrations. A 360-photo booth can provide excitement and joy to any special occasion, be it a wedding, business function, birthday celebration, or anything else. Magnum is the first provider of 360 photo booth rental Dubai, providing premium equipment and first-rate customer support to make your event one to remember.

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

An interactive activity that records a 360-degree video of the guests is the 360 photo booth. In contrast to conventional photo booths that simply capture static photos, a 360-degree photo booth captures dynamic movies, enabling users to produce captivating and memorable material. A platform where guests stand is usually part of the setup, and a camera revolves around them to capture every perspective.

Unique Features of Our 360 Photo Booths

Modern features and cutting-edge technology are included in Magnum's 360-degree photo booths to improve your event experience.

High-Quality Video Capture

High-definition cameras are used in our 360-degree photo booths to produce stunning, clear videos. Every moment, whether you're dancing, posing, or just having fun, is captured in exquisite detail. This guarantees the best quality preservation of your event's memories, making them perfect for sharing and remembering.

Customizable Backdrops and Props

We provide a variety of adaptable backdrops and props to make your event special. Select from an array of designs and themes, or make your unique background that precisely reflects the theme of your event. Our props ensure that your guests have an unforgettable experience by adding an extra layer of fun and creativity.

Instant Sharing and Social Media Integration

Our 360-degree photo booths allow users to post videos to social media swiftly. The booths include easy-to-use interfaces that enable instant uploading, guaranteeing that your event becomes popular. This feature increases attendance and broadens the event's audience beyond the physical venue.

Interactive User Experience

With our interactive 360 photo booths, users can adjust the camera's angle, apply effects, and select from a variety of recording options. Because of this kind of control, each video is more imaginative and engaging. Guests can modify their stay, making for enjoyable and unique moments that are captured from all sides.

Benefits of 360 Photo Booth Rental Dubai

At events, photo booth rental Dubai offers an innovative and enjoyable activity that improves the guest experience. Through interactive elements and fast sharing, it enhances social media presence, resulting in greater recognition of events and enduring memories.

Enhance Guest Experience

A 360-degree photo booth delights guests of all ages by bringing an interactive and captivating aspect to any event. It promotes conversation among guests and produces precious recollections. The opportunity to record 360-degree recordings is a unique experience that makes attendees happy and excited. Overall, it enhances the atmosphere and enjoyment factor of the event.

Create Lasting Memories

A 360 photo booth's dynamic videos capture priceless memories rather than only being recordings. These movies, as compared to typical pictures, let guests relive memorable experiences from every perspective. Guests can revisit and share these lifelong experiences with friends and family for years, due to this immersive experience. It gives any event a touch of emotion and charm.

Boost Your Event's Social Media Presence

A 360-degree photo booth is a social media dream come true, inviting users to quickly upload their original videos. These lively, captivating videos have the potential to go viral, which can greatly increase the internet visibility of your event. Your event can reach a wider audience across several platforms by empowering participants to become promoters through interactive components and simple sharing features. It's an effective technique for building interest in your event and leaving a digital legacy.

Professional Setup and Support

Magnum ensures a perfect experience through our expert setup and assistance offerings. Our skilled staff takes care of everything, from setup to management, to make sure your event goes off without any issues. To help visitors and quickly resolve any technological concerns, we offer on-site support. We allow you to relax and take advantage of the occasion without worrying about minor issues.

Types of Events Suitable for Photo Booth Rental Dubai

Renting a 360-degree photo booth adds an entertaining and participatory element to capture memorable moments, making it ideal for weddings. Because of the flexible branding options, it's also perfect for corporate gatherings, increasing engagement and brand visibility.


A 360-degree photo booth is a fascinating addition to weddings, providing guests with an unforgettable opportunity to capture special moments. Each element of the celebration, from the passionate first dance to private moments with loved ones, is exquisitely captured in lively videos. The interactive aspect of the booth makes it easier for guests to socialize and make enjoyable memories, which brightens the event. It's an everlasting memory that the newlyweds and their guests will cherish forever.

Business Events

A 360-degree photo booth is a smart option for engaging guests and increasing brand awareness at corporate gatherings. Company logos and branding can be seamlessly incorporated into the videos with the help of unique branding choices. In addition to improving networking chances, the dynamic user experience makes a lasting impact on guests. It's a creative method to make your event stand out and produce outstanding marketing materials.

Birthday Parties

A 360-degree photo booth experience can add a memorable touch to your birthday celebration. Guests can record lively and entertaining videos that capture the party's excitement. The adjustable props and interactive elements give the celebrations a unique feel. It's a great way to make enduring memories and continue to have fun even after the celebration is over.

Magnum's 360 photo booth rental Dubai transforms event experiences with its instantly accessible social media content, adjustable capabilities, and high-quality video capture. Boost event visibility, make memorable experiences, and improve guest interactions with our expert setup and assistance. Our 360-degree photo booths turn every event from birthday parties to corporate gatherings and weddings into an unforgettable event.


A 360 photo booth captures dynamic videos in a 360-degree view, unlike traditional photo booths.

Guests stand on a platform while a camera rotates around them, recording videos from every angle.

It enhances guest experience, creates lasting memories, boosts social media presence, and offers an interactive user experience.

Weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and product launches benefit from the entertainment and engagement it provides.

Yes, guests can instantly share their videos on social media platforms directly from the booth.

Yes, customers can choose from a variety of customizable backdrops and props to suit their event theme.

Setup typically takes 1-2 hours, and breakdown takes about an hour, handled by professional staff.

Yes, trained staff provide on-site support throughout the event to assist guests and ensure smooth operation.

Yes, branding options are available to add company logos, event hashtags, or other branding elements to the videos.

Pricing varies based on rental duration, customization options, and event specifics. Contact us for a personalized quote.